About Us

Uneekstock was created to build a bridge between videographers all over the world, who can produce high quality stock footage and producers of an end product, who want to spend less time looking for the right footage.  
As a videographer myself, I know how frustrating it is, when your unique work is lost in an ocean of mediocre footage.
On the other side, when I was looking for the right footage for my projects on other websites,  I was overwhelmed by the number of clips the search results threw at me and quickly realized that it would take me a few weeks to see them all.
We are dedicated to building a stock footage library that is about quality and not quantity. We have  developed an unique curating process to get your footage online faster. We welcome everyone, professional or not, to join and upload their footage. We do not require exclusivity and you are free to sell your work elsewhere.
Join us and start selling your footage today. You never know, it might be used in a blockbuster one day...